Forty Days: Alchemy of Tranquility® Program

Annual Retreat: Friday, Jan 27, 2017 - Sunday, Jan 29, 2017

Santa Sabina Center, 25 Magnolia Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901, United States (map)


The Program
Practical. Intense. Transformative.

This unique program is based on the ancient recognition that psychology, physiology, and spiritual experience are interrelated and interconnected dimensions of the whole self. To better understand any one dimension requires exploration of all dimensions. Such an exploration fosters emotional balance and a deeper understanding of our attitudes, behavior and spiritual development.

The 40 Days Alchemy of Tranquility Series is designed for individuals interested in further exploring the multiple dimensions of self, as well as for practicing psychotherapists who are interested in methods for addressing these dimensions with their clients. CEU credits are available. CEUs provided by International Association of Sufism (40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility Program), #95354*.

Evening, day-long, and week-end workshop sessions are offered throughout the year at a variety of locations.

Participants interested in more intensive study and who wish to fully integrate, through concentrated practice, the concepts presented in day-long sessions may sign-up for a guided practice group that meets weekly over a 40 day period. Attendance of at least one of workshop sessions is required and there is a separate registration form and fee.

What to Expect

The workshops introduce techniques of ancient wisdom that lead to confidence and stability. The principles and practices of psychological and spiritual development include:

Awareness of the body and bringing it into a state of equilibrium.
Exploring the dimensions of ego and using it effectively.
Recognizing the power of mind and its influence on personality.
Increasing concentration, presence, and focus.
Bringing intention and action into alignment.
Accessing the wisdom of the heart and experiencing tranquility.

The 40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility program will be holding its annual weekend retreat Friday evening January 15th through Sunday afternoon January 17th. The retreat will be held at the beautiful and peaceful grounds of the Santa Sabina Center on the Dominican University campus in San Rafael, Ca. 

The 40 Days program is based on the ancient recognition that psychology, physiology, and spiritual experience are interrelated and interconnected dimensions of the whole self. The program is comprised of co-leaders and Sufi Masters Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Dr. Ali Kianfar and a team of experienced psychotherapists and educators. 

Facilitators at this retreat will invite each participant to explore his or her self-experience to cultivate increased wisdom and intrapersonal balance through the various workshops and experiential presentations. The intention of the program is to offer each participant a well-developed style of personal practice for how to understand the self—this style of practice is rooted in ancient mysticism and influenced by psychology. The design of the retreat strives to have participants integrate back into their lives post-retreat with a new and profound sense of personal meaning, intention and life direction. 

The retreat will include presentations, conversations and experiential practices covering the subjects of psychology, spirituality, meditation, poetry and music, and the martial arts. This weekend is open to and helpful to one of any religious/spiritual background and is designed for one interested in a practical approach to psycho-spiritual development. 

Check back for registration form.
Registration deadline is January 10, 2017.
For information or registration, (415) 499-1115. 

Call (415) 499-1115 for more information.

CEUs for LCSWs, LMFTs, and LEPs are available through International Association of Sufism (40 Days: Alchemy of Tranquility Program). Provider number: 95354. Continuing Education Grievances and request for refunds, disability accommodations, copies of CEU certificates or other records should be directed to For our policies pertaining to these matters, please go to