Services and Specialties

If you are in crisis or need immediate services call 9-1-1, go to your local emergency room, or call your local crisis hotline.

Women In Transition

Women’s lives are often marked by transitions. We can match you with a psychotherapist with experience in a variety of transitions, including:

  • Biological changes
  • Aging (at any age)
  • Changes in relationships, including: starting new relationships, transitions, and break-ups
  • New diagnoses and facing the challenges of ongoing illnesses
  • Loss of a child, partner, friend
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Career changes: job search, adjusting to a new job, promotion, retirement
  • Education: Starting new educational programs and the transition of graduation
  • Parenting choices, challenges, and transitions: Fertility issues, pregnancy, adoption, becoming a parent, and navigating children’s transitions from childhood to adulthood