Services and Specialties

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Time Management

Our individualized sessions are designed to help you manage your time effectively based on your personality, your relationship with time, and the goals or projects that need attention in your life. 
Based on your style and the specific challenges you face we discuss what is currently working in how you approach projects, your schedule and your goals, and what you want to change so that you can feel and be more productive and in charge of your time and, consequently, of your life. 
Whether you are lead by the clock, tend to procrastinate or avoid, or get more wrapped up in details than you would like, we have therapists who can work with you. 
We have worked successfully with business people from a variety of professions, graduate students working on dissertations, artists and writers, psychotherapists, and many others who are under constant deadlines, unable to meet goals and complete projects, or who feel inefficient because they are lacking formal structure in their days. 

Call our office at: (415) 499-1115 to speak with our intake coordinator who will find the right therapist for you.