Services and Specialties

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On Site Stress Management Provided in Your Office or Workplace

The Total Focus Program has been successful in helping people in customer service departments, investment banking firms, at homeless and abused women’s shelters, in jails, and in recovery programs.

Total Focus Stress Management
The clinicians of the Community Healing Centers have created the Total Focus Stress Management Program, which is tailored for specific groups, departments, and employees in both the private and non-profit sectors. We have a unique and proven program of stress management and stress reduction that can be designed to meet the specific needs of your staff. We have found that by participating in this program individuals and groups may gain a better attitude toward their work and workplace, experience increased harmony at the office and at home, and in many cases become more productive and reduce physical pain and symptoms.
The staff of the Community Healing Centers has been teaching these stress management practices to groups and individuals for several years. We have seen the improvements in terms of increased concentration, balance, and tranquility in many people from diverse backgrounds and occupations.

The Program and its Components
We can build a program based on your needs. We can work with small groups, divisions, management teams, or entire companies. The services we provide include focusing and concentrative awareness exercises, discussion, relaxation, breathing, and guided imagery. The different techniques are introduced and time is allotted for practice, since these techniques are best learned through experience. The concentrative exercises allow the mind to quiet and the system to open so that greater peace and tranquility may be experienced. As the mind quiets and a subtle place within is experienced, many people find that they are more creative and energized in a calm and centered way. In the guided imagery, we begin with relaxation techniques to quiet the body and mind. Then a place within is created, or accessed, where inner strength, harmony and well-being are experienced. Many people have noticed that frustrations, creative blocks, and physical symptoms of stress are reduced or eliminated as these practices are learned and practiced over time. The exercises we teach can be used throughout the week, at the office and at home, to manage and reduce stress, and increase creativity, harmony, energy, and productivity.